The Final Checklist for Children’s Writers

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If you are a children’s writer ready for the launch of your self-publication venture, you need to tick off this final checklist before you pull that lever.  At this point, it’s important to shed that writer’s hat. If you really want to maximize your chances of success, then it’s time to begin thinking like a publisher.

Despite the money spent on resources and professionals, as a self publisher the buck stops with you. So, make sure that you have a market-driven product that will sell. Rethink the following and make the necessary course correction.


·          Binding: No hardcovers. Too expensive to produce, ergo – no sales.

·       Format: Stick to a trim size that readers can digest. Readers expect the book to look and feel a certain way. Don’t let an overenthusiastic artist overshoot the bounds of what is acceptable.

·       Book Cover: A critical tool in marketing your product. Remember to focus on what will sell, not what you like.  Get a professional. A talented friend or relative just won’t do. Your book cover should stand-out. But there should not be a mismatch between the cover and the content.


·         Editing: Again, use a professional. A book full of typos is a sloppy product that is not market-ready.


·         Book Design: Only relevant and print ready images- both artwork and photos. Nothing blurred or distracting from the content. Images that do not add to the story need to go.


The only calculation for pricing the book – what is a customer willing to pay for it? Check the genre and type of books in the market to fix the price. Overpricing can destroy your book.

If your book is OK on all these counts, then it is market-ready.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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