Children’s Writers – Banish the Self-Doubts

Writing children’s books is a tough job. It is a demanding and solitary work, with the ultimate aim of pleasing a difficult audience. It is a job which requires tons of self-discipline to keep going through the ups and downs. When faced with rejections, it is natural for most writers to find their self-confidence bruised and battered. So, the next time you are down in the dumps, ponder on these ideas to get you up and going.  You are a writer, not an Author Of course all writers write for an Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – Submission of your Manuscript

So you have a fresh, crisp manuscript in hand, all ready for a launch. So, what next? Self-publication is of course an option, which every child’s writer can and should explore. But if you do want to explore the option of taking the traditional route, then your next step would be to contact a publisher. Checking on the Publishers Check the children’s books in your local libraries and bookshops for names of publishers. Be sure to check the book in your age and genre category. If you write Continue Reading

Children’s Writers- the Long Run

The most important attributes you need to have to launch your career as a children’s writer are patience and perseverance. The reason being that it takes time to improve your craft to the level expected of a professional writer. And you need the will to keep going even after rejections (from publishers, agents, sometimes even the readers), which are a staple in every writer’s life. Success comes to those who Wait Let’s take the most celebrated children’s author J.K.Rowling. The first Harry Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – Cover Letter to Publisher

A wow!! cover letter is not a guarantee of success at the publisher’s office or in the marketplace. But without a great cover letter, your book proposal is almost certainly doomed for rejection by the publisher. Just like those of thousands of children’s writers every year. So after you have written the best book you can, present it in the best way possible when you send it out to the publisher. A killer sales pitch is sure to the land you a positive response here. That has been the key to Continue Reading

Children’s Writers: Aggressive Self-Publication Budget

All writers do not enter the fray, merely to see their book in print; their sights are set much higher than that.  These are ambitious self-publishers who aim to compete with major publishers at a national level.  And they are willing to spend whatever it takes to get the job done. This self-publisher is establishing a brand and therefore looks at the printing process as a business, the endgame being to turn in a profit. Actual Costs Developmental edit – $1000 to $3000 Copyediting – $500 Continue Reading

Children’s Writers: Smart Self-Publication Budget

When children’s writers consider self-publishing their book as an option, one of their first concerns is the cost of this little adventure.  There is no getting around the fact that will need to invest money if you want to give your book a reasonable shot at success. While you can take the do-it-yourself shoestring budget path or the high end high spending way, there is also a happy middle path which can help you reach your goals without going broke. Actual Costs Editing and Copywriting: Continue Reading

Children’s Writers: DIY Self-Publication Budget

Children’s writers who are willing to put in adequate effort and time into their venture and are willing take a chance by doing-it-all themselves can take this low-cost path to self-publication. If you have what it takes- street smarts, willingness to learn, clarity about your goals – you can most certainly get your book out there on a shoestring budget. Read, Research, Learn After you have finished with your manuscript, the finished product still needs a lot of work before it is reader-ready. Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – Budget for Self-Publishing

In theory, by doing it all yourself, you could get your children’s book self-published by spending next to nothing. But look at it realistically. You do want a professional looking book that has been illustrated, edited and formatted properly and will reach out to the maximum number of potential readers. If you do want your book to be competitive in the marketplace, you will need to get some professional help and allocate at least a few thousand dollars to the venture. Reasons to Spend on Self-Publishing The Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – Print Books or e-books

Although there are many factors to consider when deciding taking the decision, the critical one is obviously the reader’s preference. Some books, especially heavily illustrated books and books for very young children are preferred as print books. But most fictional work for young adults does pretty well as an e-book. And of course, with print-on-demand (POD) now available, there is always the option of making both available to readers. As a children’s writer, be certain about the genre of Continue Reading

Children’s Writers: Minor Mistakes that can be Disastrous

Tip #1:  Do Not Reuse ISBN An ISBN is a unique identifier for a book. Once a book is assigned an ISBN, it is stored along with all other information about the book in all relevant databases and the connection between this code and the book has been cemented. It is the standard ID number used to identify books by booksellers, libraries, book wholesalers and distributors. In order to provide for sale and distribution without confusion, the ISBN which has been assigned to a book should never be reused. Tip Continue Reading