Children’s Writers- Building a Book from Blog

Many writers are also avid bloggers. This includes children’s writers, who may or may not run a child-centric blog. And it is highly likely that somewhere between these posts lies a book, or at the very least an idea that can be developed into a book. So, rather than let all that research and effort sit there gathering dust, rework the content into a book. Capture the Concept This is probably the most difficult part, sifting through all the writing to find a theme that can be gathered into Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – Why Short Stories?

It is a much discussed topic in the publishing circles– the rise of the short story.  The short story, usually thought to be a poor cousin of the full length novel, was thrown into the spotlight by announcement of two literary prizes. First it was short story writer Lydia Davis (she has written stories that are only a sentence long), who won the Man Booker International Prize, 2013. This was followed by the triumph of Alice Munro, who won the Nobel Prize in 2013. With the short story finally Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – Apps that help you Focus

Computers are great tools as an aid to writing. There are apps and features that not only support actual writing but also help in marketing the final product. But on the other hand, computers can create serious distractions – emails, facebook, twitter, web browser….. the list of things to do (other than writing) is endless.  If you are a children’s writer faced with this dilemma, you need to check out the numerous applications available that promise writers a distraction-free world. FocusWriter Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – Marketing Minus Amazon

Children’s writers, thinking of self-publishing, automatically think Amazon. As do most other writers who plan to go solo. This despite some serious drawbacks - no access to customer information and a 30% fee for each book sold. No matter that in many cases the author brings in a huge proportion of those sales with tireless promotion of their own. ( But most writers are loath to turn away from a platform Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – All about selling on Amazon

  Freedom is what marks out the independent writers, who have managed to liberate themselves from the gatekeepers of traditional publishing industry. Publishing houses and agents are no longer hurdles on the road to becoming a published children’s author.  There is a host of services available that allow an aspiring writer (including a children’s writer) to bypass publishing companies and reach out directly to the readers. Probably the best known of these is Amazon’s range of services for Continue Reading

Outsourcing Publication Projects to India

Publishing outsourcing to India is booming business. And many of these off-shore services include high value services - original designs, assessment and testing, e-learning resources. And the business is set to grow in leaps and bounds. The reasons are clear - cost advantage and reduced turnaround time. These are critical factors to consider in the publishing industry. In fact, the cost alone can sometimes be the deciding factor between success and failure of a publishing venture. Consider the Continue Reading

The Final Checklist for Children’s Writers

If you are a children’s writer ready for the launch of your self-publication venture, you need to tick off this final checklist before you pull that lever.  At this point, it’s important to shed that writer’s hat. If you really want to maximize your chances of success, then it’s time to begin thinking like a publisher. Despite the money spent on resources and professionals, as a self publisher the buck stops with you. So, make sure that you have a market-driven product that will sell. Rethink Continue Reading

Children’s Writers and “Stolen Titles

Imagine that you have slaved over your manuscript and just when your children’s book is ready for launch, another book with an identical name appears in the market.  You would be right to be upset but unless your title is really unique or distinctive, you have little protection against this practice.  Book titles are not protected under copyright law. Because book titles are deemed too short to have adequate “original expression.” So if you have a title that contains – dragon, fire, Continue Reading

Self-Publishing your Children’s Book? Beware of Scams

Despite the huge turnaround in the publishing world and the tremendous potential that self-publishing holds, many writers do not want to go down that road. A great many of the children’s writers want to remain just that – writers. They don’t want to take on the garb of a publisher; all they want is to see their book in print. And that’s where self-publishing companies enter the picture. About Self-Publishing Companies Sometimes known as Subsidy publisher or Vanity publisher, "any company Continue Reading

Getting Feedback for your Children’s Book

The first part of being a writer is squirreling yourself away in your little hidey hole and banging away at the keyboard. Once you are done with that, it’s feedback time!! It’s often a scary time for writers, having someone else have a look at your manuscript. But here’s where you need to qualify who that ‘someone’ is going to be.  And then know that quantity is as important as quality. Send your first draft out to a bunch of people and then work through the feedback to be able figure Continue Reading