Outsourcing Publication Projects to India

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Publishing outsourcing to India is booming business. And many of these off-shore services include high value services – original designs, assessment and testing, e-learning resources. And the business is set to grow in leaps and bounds. The reasons are clear – cost advantage and reduced turnaround time. These are critical factors to consider in the publishing industry. In fact, the cost alone can sometimes be the deciding factor between success and failure of a publishing venture.

Consider the following Information:


  • Sixty percent of global publishing outsourcing is based in India.
  • Sixty six percent of publishing buyers from US and UK prefer to outsource to India over other competitors.
  • Publishing work outsourced to India includes educational, academic, corporate and legal publishing. This includes magazines and business-to-business newsletters.
  • India is a favored destination for outsourcing children’s books which involve high-end artwork, design and illustrations.
  • With the Indian publishing industry growing at 15 percent annually, India is now exporting books and publishing services to over 120 countries.
  • With growth has come an inflow of technology in the Indian publishing outsourcing industry. With increased productivity, reduced costs, better turnaround time, the industry is poised to retain its global dominance.
  • Increasingly, US-based newspaper publishers are outsourcing services to India.
  • Increasingly self-publishing writers from US, Australia and Europe are outsourcing their work to India. Reason – at the same quality, outsourcing self-publication to India can decrease the cost by over sixty percent.

All these developments make it clear that publishing outsourcing to India is here to stay. And outsourcing to India has been a profitable and satisfying experience for most publishing companies across the world.




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