Children’s Writers – Top 5 Discussion Forums for Self – Publishers

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While self-publishing provided freedom to writers, it also takes away the support system of the traditional publishing systems. So, what happens to children’s writers who want to plunge into the uncharted territory of self- publishing? It does not have to be a lonely struggle to get gather knowledge and get the project off ground.

There is plenty of help on hand, online help that is. The online independent book publishing community is a friendly bunch, always ready to share learnt wisdom with a newbie. And the best sources of information are the online discussion forums where registered members can participate in conversations and gain valuable information from writers at all experience levels.  These forums also help connect self-publishing writers to industry professionals and publishing suppliers.

·         Absolute Write Water Cooler

An extension of the Absolute Write Blog, MacAllister Stone’s forum comprises of an active community of writers. Besides the constant conversations going on, the archives are an invaluable source for answering any writing-related questions you may have. You can also access self-Publishing and print-on-demand forum for engaging in topics that are related to self-publishing.

·         All Things Publishing forum

Although this forum is quite new, Nathan Bransford’s Forum is rapidly gaining numbers and popularity. There are discussions and shared information on all the aspects of a writer’s life. With 58 threaded topics and 400 posts, there is data to be gathered on topics as varied as writing, submission and marketing.

·         John Kremer’s Book Marketing Network

It’s hardly surprising to find a membership of over 5000 in the forum of indie book-marketing guru John Kremer. This huge community has forums, blogs, groups and other social-media functions. There is plenty of opportunity to interact with and to put questions to experienced and knowledgeable writers.

·         SPANnet

Established by the Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN), this network already has more than 300 members. The discussion forums are lively, with a constant stream of information. With its focus on blogs and books, this group is a valuable resource for anyone new to the publishing world.  

·          Self-Publishing Review

This network of over 200 members is a friendly community that has it all, including groups, forums, member blogs and reviews of books by self-published authors.

So if you are a lonesome children’s self-publishing writer, join up as a member, listen in and then dive in as an active participant. You are sure to find friendship, entertainment and knowledge here.

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