Children’s Writers: Smart Self-Publication Budget

Simple Custom Content AdderWhen children’s writers consider self-publishing their book as an option, one of their first concerns is the cost of this little adventure.  There is no getting around the fact that will need to invest money if you want to give your book a reasonable shot at success. While you can take the do-it-yourself shoestring budget path or the high end high spending way, there is also a happy middle path which can help you reach your goals without going broke. Actual Costs Editing and Copywriting: $500- $1000 Illustration: $500 – $1000 (Depending on the illustrations and word count.) Formatting and Layout: $800 Cover Design: $300 to $500 ISBN: $100 Marketing: $1,000 Website: $100 (custom WordPress theme) Printing – free (Print on demand only.) Total Cost:  $4,000(Approx) This article gives plenty of useful information about how to get your money’s worth through the entire process. Keeping your Cost Down There is lots of stuff that you can learn and do yourself within the process. If you are whiz with computers, you can design your own WebPages and do a sizable chunk of online marketing yourself. Trade your services with other writers to get help you need. If you are great at designing web pages, you could swap your talent with a writer that would do copywriting for you. Check extensively and you might luck out with a talented student or novice who would do a splendid job (book cover, illustration, marketing etc.) for a fraction of the normal fee. Always try to spread out payment over a period rather than making a one-time payment. Discuss a payment plan with the professionals you are working with to make it easier on your budget. Always remember that while your book is a labor of love, publishing a book is a business. So take hard-headed business decisions all through the process of self-publication. Every decision you take and every buck you spend should bring you closer to your goal of connecting your children’s book to its audience and getting returns on your investment. a.raodcruz (58 Posts)A specialist in Children’s book writing and Guide for Children’s Authors