Children’s Writers – Five Steps to a Successful Book Reading

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As a children’s writer, one of the most fun things you will ever do in your career is book reading. Children never forget their childhood favorites, and if they have had a face-to-face live experience with you, chances are that you have a fan for life.  Book readings for children can be everything that you pictured – a rapt audience, constant engagement, a flurry of signings and book sales. Reality can often match your imagination when it comes to live interaction with children. So grab every opportunity that comes your way and hit the library, school, bookshop…….. whoever is willing to host you!

·         Gather Support

 As soon as the location, date and time is confirmed, put out the information every which way possible. Facebook, email, blog, tweet – everything that will help you get the word across to as many friends and family as you can. Boost the expectation with event details which will create maximum buzz. Focus on all the families with children you are acquainted with and make sure they get the invitation. Numbers add to the excitement and people you know will show real interest in your reading.

·         Prepare for the Reading

As a published writer, you are expected to be a thorough professional. And the event must reflect that professionalism.  Read up on the subject, practice reading aloud and most importantly, since you are dealing with children, be prepared for anything.

·         Honor your commitment

 Once you have accepted the commitment, stick by it. Arrive on time and no matter how many people are there in the audience, get the job done. Even if only one child turns up at the venue, it is only fair to do the book reading and do it well.  

·         Get proof

 Get photos, video and let the world see you in action on the social media. Blog about the event after. Use catchy phrases on everything you put up to get maximum clicks.  All of this could translate into more sales or at least, invitations for more book readings.

·         Have Fun

At the end of the event, it does not matter what happened or how many books you sold. If you sell even one, you have sold one book more than before. And if only one child turns up, you have one fan more than before. So whatever your goal you are getting there, one reader at a time. So enjoy the event and have fun. No matter how this turns out, it is your writing that the audience will take home with them. And you will be a better writer for having had this experience.

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