Children’s Writers- Building a Book from Blog

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Many writers are also avid bloggers. This includes children’s writers, who may or may not run a child-centric blog. And it is highly likely that somewhere between these posts lies a book, or at the very least an idea that can be developed into a book. So, rather than let all that research and effort sit there gathering dust, rework the content into a book.

Capture the Concept

This is probably the most difficult part, sifting through all the writing to find a theme that can be gathered into a manuscript.  The hunt is made tougher by the fact that blogs are organized in a chronological order, with newer blogs appearing first and pushing down the older ones. Also a blog is structurally differently from a book, so despite categorization and tagging, this will probably take you a while. But give it your best shot because this is also the most critical part of your blog-to-book project. Once you have pinned down the concept, the rest of the work will only get easier.

Create a Title for your Book

Once the book is ready, you may move on to a more suitable title for your book. But having a name for your book is a way to focus on the kind of book you are working towards. It will help focus your writing and gather your thoughts.

Create the Content Plan

Once you have narrowed it down to the concept, you will be able to spot the posts that just don’t fit into your scheme of things. Eliminating these makes it even easier to zero in on the useful material in the blog. Most blog articles are far shorter than the chapters in books. So once you organize these posts, you can then work on a plan to fill in the missing content.

Blog the Rewrites and the Missing Content

Work hard but also work smart.  As you rewrite and fill in the missing content for your book, blog your new work. This is a part of building an author platform and marketing your forthcoming book. This is a process to convert your blog readers to target readership for your book. If you already have a substantial reader base, it is easier to get a publisher interested in investing in your book.

Edit your Blog-to-Book Manuscript

The Blog-to-Book manuscript that is completed is just the first rough draft of your book which needs to be revised and edited. Make sure you go through the entire process of editing, including professional editing before you send out your book into the world

If you are looking at a sequel to this blog-to-book experience, next time try blogging a book. First, map out the content of your book and then work out the content into blog size articles. Then begin the blogging process, at the end of which you will have the first draft of the book you had set out to write. Happy blogging, happy writing!

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