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For self-publishing writers, including children’s writers, there are several platforms for marketing a book. But none work as well as a blog for the ability to build trust and establish a personal connection with the reader.  There are several compelling reasons for children’s writers to begin blogging. But not just any blogging; serious, sustained, committed blogging.  A good beginning is the best thing that could happen to a blogger, as long as the blog is not abandoned after a couple of months when the initial enthusiasm has tapered off.  If you want blogging success, you have to do it right.

·         Readers

 Go for effective and established ways to channelize traffic (other than family and friends) to your blog. There are essentially three categories of readers who will arrive at your blog. People who have a personal interest in the topic on which you write and reach your blog through clicking on a link. The traffic from search engines, which you can maximize by aiming for specific keywords in your blog. Paid traffic, which is a result of advertisement or sponsorship of some sort. With focused targeting of the potential readership, every action can have a snowballing effect on the viewing numbers for your blog.

·         Content

For long term success, there is no alternative to compelling and unique content. Create content that your readers not only like but can find nowhere else. As long as your blog content is useful and unique, the readers will keep coming back for more.

·         Interact

The readers are increasingly becoming accustomed to some kind of content interactivity online. So to maintain the reader base, a blogger needs to fulfill this expectation. Engagement with the readers makes them feel that the blogger is reaching out to them to tailor the contents to their needs. It is critical for the blogger to keep the readers with ‘sticky’ content that will keep the reader base hooked to the blog. There are innumerable ways to do this and taking the time to find and implement them will be completely worth it.

·         Network

Networking is a part of the interactivity quotient of your blog. This is where you interact with other authors and people with common interests. Having a guest writer for your blog, writing for other blogs- these are all means of getting traffic to your blog. Keeping your motivation high and sustaining the blog is much easier with the help of fellow-bloggers.

·         Triumph!!!

Whether success means financial gains or increasing readership or anything else – your author blog could be the first step towards your goal. By fostering an online community and building a readership you can only profit in every way possible.

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