Children’s Writers: Aggressive Self-Publication Budget

Simple Custom Content AdderAll writers do not enter the fray, merely to see their book in print; their sights are set much higher than that.  These are ambitious self-publishers who aim to compete with major publishers at a national level.  And they are willing to spend whatever it takes to get the job done. This self-publisher is establishing a brand and therefore looks at the printing process as a business, the endgame being to turn in a profit. Actual Costs Developmental edit – $1000 to $3000 Copyediting – $500 to $1500 Illustration – $1000 to $3000 (Depending on the word count and illustrations) Cover design – $800 to $1500 Book formatting and layout – $1000 Printing – $4000 (500 copies) ISBN – $100 Author photo – $400 Reviews and online ads – $1500 Website – $2000 Print advertising – $1200 Marketing campaign – $3000 Events / launch party – $1000 Total: $ 25,000 (Approx.) Breaking Down the Costs A sizable amount of the budget is spent on editorial services. The professionals are pulled into the process early enough and they help fine-tune the manuscript as it develops. Developmental editing and copyediting (and sometimes proofreading) are used for tasks like fact checking and for bibliographic help to create a professional and high quality book. The visual appearance of the book receives the budget it needs to compete with major players in the market.  The best professional help possible is taken for both book cover and the illustration. The marketing plan is to do all it takes to make sure the book makes a big splash in the marketplace. From getting reviews in the national newspapers and magazines to platform-building online, there is a vigorous campaign planned to grab as many eyeballs as possible. The bottom line being that if you want readers to buy your book, you will need to invest in a lot more than just beautiful writing.  And when this plan works, all the resources invested seem more than worthwhile. a.raodcruz (58 Posts)A specialist in Children’s book writing and Guide for Children’s Authors