Advancement in self publishing

Once seen as the last resort of desperate writers, today self-publishing is seen as a high growth sector in the publishing circles. In the last five years, there has been a 287% growth in the books turned out by self-publication industry– a growth catalyzed by the explosion of digital books and introduction of publishing tools like iBooks and KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). The rise of e-books: A decade ago, e-books comprised a measly 1% of the book market but today account for 25% of dollar Continue Reading

Choosing To Self-Publish

After self-publishing six books in a crime series, Kerry Wilkinson has just signed a 14-book deal with an established publisher. But he does not rule out going solo again. Why? According to Kerry, “Self-publishing gave me the freedom of being able to act quickly. I could fiddle with prices, change descriptions, link my own files, and so on. I am a bit of a tinkerer with my listings and try lots of little tweaks to see how they might affect a day's sales.” And that seems to be the Leitmotif Continue Reading