The Amazon Announcement  Amazon’s big announcement in September created quite a splash in the world of children’s writers. Amazon launched Kindle Kids’ Book Creator, which is positioned as a true game changer for children’s writers across the world. Amazon’s new release is a free tool that is designed to help children’s writers create, publish and market illustrated and chapter books in Kindle Stores worldwide. “Authors want to focus on telling great stories and we want to help them Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – Top 5 Discussion Forums for Self – Publishers

While self-publishing provided freedom to writers, it also takes away the support system of the traditional publishing systems. So, what happens to children’s writers who want to plunge into the uncharted territory of self- publishing? It does not have to be a lonely struggle to get gather knowledge and get the project off ground. There is plenty of help on hand, online help that is. The online independent book publishing community is a friendly bunch, always ready to share learnt wisdom with Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – Five Steps to a Successful Book Reading

As a children’s writer, one of the most fun things you will ever do in your career is book reading. Children never forget their childhood favorites, and if they have had a face-to-face live experience with you, chances are that you have a fan for life.  Book readings for children can be everything that you pictured – a rapt audience, constant engagement, a flurry of signings and book sales. Reality can often match your imagination when it comes to live interaction with children. So grab every Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – Blog your way to Success

For self-publishing writers, including children’s writers, there are several platforms for marketing a book. But none work as well as a blog for the ability to build trust and establish a personal connection with the reader.  There are several compelling reasons for children’s writers to begin blogging. But not just any blogging; serious, sustained, committed blogging.  A good beginning is the best thing that could happen to a blogger, as long as the blog is not abandoned after a couple of Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – Celebrate the e-book Revolution

“I read more because I have an e-reader”, says a 14 year-old girl from Georgia. She speaks for a generation of children who are turning to e-books, in an increasingly digital age. A recent report reveals that 46% of children have read an e-book (twice the number from 2010). 75% of the kids who have read an e-book are reading e-books at home. As for parents, 72% would be happy to have their children read e-books. All of this can only be a cause for celebration for children’s writers. E-Book Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – Ways to Stay Motivated

“If I waited till I felt like writing, I would never write at all.” Anne Tyler. As much as children’s writers love their job, like most writers they find it difficult to find every second of the journey riveting. It’s also a job that is particularly difficult since the process relies overmuch on self-discipline and little else. Plus the deadlines are self-imposed and it’s a lonesome job, minus colleagues and peers. Given all that, it’s easy to procrastinate getting into the writer’s Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – How long should your Book be?

Browse through the children’s section at the nearest book store or the library. You will notice that children’s book fall into distinct categories, each category having a distinct format and target age group.  The reason for these sharp definitions is that these books are used in classrooms for a particular grade. And the libraries and the bookstores shelve these books in a particular order. As a creative person, a writer is expected to push the boundaries. But if you are a novice children’s Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – Have you tried Free Writing?

There comes a time in a writer’s life, when ideas stop flowing. And the ideas that do strike are too tangled up to pen down. The creative juices simply don’t flow and all writing veers into a dead end. You are truly and completely stuck. In other words- A Writer’s Block!!!!  Ouch! This is a singularly wretched time for children’s writers who need to constantly produce work that is original, fresh and sparkling. Getting out of the Rut When nothing else works, it’s time to try the Continue Reading

Children’s Writers- Building a Book from Blog

Many writers are also avid bloggers. This includes children’s writers, who may or may not run a child-centric blog. And it is highly likely that somewhere between these posts lies a book, or at the very least an idea that can be developed into a book. So, rather than let all that research and effort sit there gathering dust, rework the content into a book. Capture the Concept This is probably the most difficult part, sifting through all the writing to find a theme that can be gathered into Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – Why Short Stories?

It is a much discussed topic in the publishing circles– the rise of the short story.  The short story, usually thought to be a poor cousin of the full length novel, was thrown into the spotlight by announcement of two literary prizes. First it was short story writer Lydia Davis (she has written stories that are only a sentence long), who won the Man Booker International Prize, 2013. This was followed by the triumph of Alice Munro, who won the Nobel Prize in 2013. With the short story finally Continue Reading