Advancement in self publishing

Once seen as the last resort of desperate writers, today self-publishing is seen as a high growth sector in the publishing circles. In the last five years, there has been a 287% growth in the books turned out by self-publication industry– a growth catalyzed by the explosion of digital books and introduction of publishing tools like iBooks and KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). The rise of e-books: A decade ago, e-books comprised a measly 1% of the book market but today account for 25% of dollar Continue Reading

Reasons to write non-fiction for children

When people think children’s literature, they usually picture fiction. This seems to be true of children’s writers as well; most of them turn to fiction as a genre, almost instinctively. As it turns out, there are plenty of reasons for children’s writers to consider writing non-fiction. ‘It’s fun!’ and ‘It’s profitable!’ are just two of the many reasons Fun Factor Writing non-fiction means that the writer must first understand the concept, then find a way to provide a fun Continue Reading

Advice and Tips About Self-Publishing for Children’s Authors

Tip #1:  Develop a great Book idea… When developing the story of your book, you will need to ensure that it stands out, not only the idea but also the overall design and the character illustrations, because this is also very important. Break the story down, some writers like to start at the end and fill in the rest of the story line, while other start with the characters, so it is always best to use a style that suits you. Tip #2:  Define your story’s Target Audience The reader Continue Reading

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