Advancement in self publishing

Once seen as the last resort of desperate writers, today self-publishing is seen as a high growth sector in the publishing circles. In the last five years, there has been a 287% growth in the books turned out by self-publication industry– a growth catalyzed by the explosion of digital books and introduction of publishing tools like iBooks and KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). The rise of e-books: A decade ago, e-books comprised a measly 1% of the book market but today account for 25% of dollar Continue Reading

Reasons to write non-fiction for children

When people think children’s literature, they usually picture fiction. This seems to be true of children’s writers as well; most of them turn to fiction as a genre, almost instinctively. As it turns out, there are plenty of reasons for children’s writers to consider writing non-fiction. ‘It’s fun!’ and ‘It’s profitable!’ are just two of the many reasons Fun Factor Writing non-fiction means that the writer must first understand the concept, then find a way to provide a fun Continue Reading

Life lessons from Children’s book

Books are most often looked upon as an important educational tool for children’s intellectual development. But books do much more than improve literacy skills and language skills; books impart critical life skills to the young readers that will help them to shape the world. Imagination None other than the famed scientist Albert Einstein believed that “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  Imagination is a formidable force, which is strengthened by reading books. Books can help Continue Reading


Children’s Books is a vast expanse, stretching all the way from picture books for babies to complex young adult novels.  In between are books designed for young children, middle graders and tweens! The best way for a writer or a reader to navigate this labyrinth is to follow the age-related categorization for this genre. There are differences in each of these categories with respect to the length of the book, the presentation, the layout and the complexity of the content.   Age: 0 to Continue Reading


In an increasingly digital world, the role of a children’s library as an important institution is often undervalued. But it is precisely the onslaught of gadgets and technology in a child’s life that makes the role of the library more important than ever. A library is not just a place that houses books, it is a place where children learn to explore and imagine a world beyond their own. It is a space where the young readers interact with the varied community of book lovers. The value of a children’s Continue Reading


The Amazon Announcement  Amazon’s big announcement in September created quite a splash in the world of children’s writers. Amazon launched Kindle Kids’ Book Creator, which is positioned as a true game changer for children’s writers across the world. Amazon’s new release is a free tool that is designed to help children’s writers create, publish and market illustrated and chapter books in Kindle Stores worldwide. “Authors want to focus on telling great stories and we want to help them Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – Top 5 Discussion Forums for Self – Publishers

While self-publishing provided freedom to writers, it also takes away the support system of the traditional publishing systems. So, what happens to children’s writers who want to plunge into the uncharted territory of self- publishing? It does not have to be a lonely struggle to get gather knowledge and get the project off ground. There is plenty of help on hand, online help that is. The online independent book publishing community is a friendly bunch, always ready to share learnt wisdom with Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – Five Steps to a Successful Book Reading

As a children’s writer, one of the most fun things you will ever do in your career is book reading. Children never forget their childhood favorites, and if they have had a face-to-face live experience with you, chances are that you have a fan for life.  Book readings for children can be everything that you pictured – a rapt audience, constant engagement, a flurry of signings and book sales. Reality can often match your imagination when it comes to live interaction with children. So grab every Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – Blog your way to Success

For self-publishing writers, including children’s writers, there are several platforms for marketing a book. But none work as well as a blog for the ability to build trust and establish a personal connection with the reader.  There are several compelling reasons for children’s writers to begin blogging. But not just any blogging; serious, sustained, committed blogging.  A good beginning is the best thing that could happen to a blogger, as long as the blog is not abandoned after a couple of Continue Reading

Children’s Writers – Celebrate the e-book Revolution

“I read more because I have an e-reader”, says a 14 year-old girl from Georgia. She speaks for a generation of children who are turning to e-books, in an increasingly digital age. A recent report reveals that 46% of children have read an e-book (twice the number from 2010). 75% of the kids who have read an e-book are reading e-books at home. As for parents, 72% would be happy to have their children read e-books. All of this can only be a cause for celebration for children’s writers. E-Book Continue Reading